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Having had several physical difficulties (knee and back especially), I would not hesitate to recommend Cathedral Physiotherapy to you. Sarah is such a gifted therapist and her many years of expertise shines through as soon as you even begin discussing your problem with her. She is really friendly and put me at ease straight away. I was also impressed that not only was she able to explain why I was feeling pain in language that I understood, but also able to explain how the treatment she was going to give me would be effective. You will trust her completely! Sure enough, after a few sessions and a clear programme of exercises to carry out at home, I could feel a huge difference. I have tried several practices in the area and, without a doubt, Cathedral Physiotherapy out shines them all.

5 Star Google review 9/12/15

Vanessa - Exeter

Sarah has treated me three times over the last couple of years. She is professional, kind, caring and supportive. She has a friendly manner and explained the treatment I needed, answering all my questions clearly. She has great interpersonal skills

5 Star Google review

Caroline Jeffrees - Exeter

I had a couple of back problems a couple of months ago due to a cycling accident and went to Sarah for some help, she did a great job and wasn't bothered about working on me a few times in the week which was great. After a couple of visits it was all fixed and she gave me stretches to do for a month so the pain doesn't return. Sarah's great and well recommended! Thanks Sarah!

5 Star Google review

James Pike - Exeter

I recently visited Cathedral Physiotherapy, which is situated in a convenient city-centre location. I was treated by Sarah Moore. A high standard of care and treatment has resulted in an immediate improvement. I felt confident and reassured by Sarah's expertise, because of her thorough explanation of my condition, and appropriate treatment. I would rate my experience of Cathedral Physiotherapy as outstanding.

5 Star Google review 17/12/15

Jenny Pestridge - Devon

I found the whole experience at Cathedral Physiotherapy to be outstanding. Not only is it a picturesque location, easy access from the city centre, and nestled in a magnificent Georgian houses in Exeter’s Southernhay, but the service was exceptional. The clinic was exceptional clean, bright, well laid out and very welcoming. Sarah Moore, the physiotherapist, was simple brilliant. Her caring and professional attitude towards my diagnosis was superb. She made me feel at ease and able to convey my issues to her without any misunderstanding. She took an incredible amount of care and time to ensure she thoroughly understood my concerns. The treatment plan she produced was clear, easy to incorporate into my everyday life; it was like having a consultation from my very own private physiotherapist. If I have any niggles or issues in the future, you can be sure I will be visiting Cathedral Physiotherapy again.

5 Star Google review

Nick Hitt - Exeter

Following years of sport induced back injury/pain and having seen a number of other physiotherapists, I had assumed that back pain was part of my life and to be managed. However Sarah Moore changed all that. Sarah listened fully to my history and made a thorough assessment leading to intervention and exercises. Through Sarah's experience and skill I am now back running and cycling and back pain is a thing of the past. I am thrilled with the professional and genuine care Sarah took while seeing her and I would highly recommend her. Particularly having seen other physios, Sarah was able to deal with a more complex issue resolving it fully.

5 Star Google review 8/12/15

Lucy - Devon

I am so pleased I found out about Cathedral Physiotherapy in a local magazine. The premises are situated in the picturesque location of Southernhay close to the City Centre with easy parking nearby. They are immaculately presented, newly painted with a large and impressive Consulting/Treatment room.

I saw Sarah Moore on 29th January 2016 with regard to an stubborn pain in my right side. She immediately identified the problem in the facet joint of the vertebrae and treated the area. She gave me exercises to follow and within days the pain had receded and a full recovery made.

I saw her again on 24th February 2016 when she re-examined me and found flexibility had returned to the area. She recommended that I include the exercises given in my dairy gym routine.

Sarah also examined my left shoulder as I suffer from occasional pain on stretching out, due to a long term tear in the rotator cuff. She further examined a slight restriction in my right hip. Additional exercises were given in respect of both, also to be incorporated in my gym routine.

I found Sarah to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable, friendly and professional. She was extremely thorough in the diagnosis and treatment given. What I also liked was that there was no requirement or encouragement to make a further appointment. It was left entirely for me to make that decision. There were no hidden charges either, just two rates clearly explained which was very refreshing to see.

As a regular gym user at The David Lloyd Leisure complex, Sandy Park,
I will now have no hesitation in seeking further help from Sarah Moore of Cathedral Physiotherapy should the need arise. Thank you so much, you were amazing.

5 Star Google review 24/2/16

Gerry Kennedy - Exmouth

I deliver kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for a national retailer, in January i sustained a painful injury to my upper back and was introduced to Sarah for assessment. I was diagnosed with sprained ligaments to several areas of my back and ribs.
I was devastated as i was unable to work and this would have a huge impact on my finances. Sarah was fantastic at reassuring me that this was treatable which immediately put my mind at rest, her understanding of my personal situation also gave me great comfort and confidence in her.
I have completed my treatment, for now and am looking forward to returning to work whilst continuing the exercises i've been given.
I would recommend Sarah to anyone seeking relief from pain following injury or as part of rehabilitation,
Not only have i recovered but I have been given the tools and advice to prevent further injury and lead a more productive and healthy lifestyle.
THANK YOU so much Sarah

5 Star Google review 26/2/16

Mike Willcox - Honiton

After deciding to move a piano on my own, I pulled my side badly and could hardly work or sleep. After leaving it 4 days in the hope it would get better, I went to Sarah and I was so glad I did. Sarah has a lovely way about her; she examined me, did some exercises with me and then offered acupuncture. I had never had acupuncture before and I was very nervous but she completely put me at ease. I left with exercises to do and booked another appointment 2 days later. That night I slept so much better and the next day I could move so much more freely. Even though I felt a lot better, I went back the next day as booked and now I am nearly enough back to normal. I couldn't recommended Sarah more highly;she is very caring and certainly knows her stuff. 5 stars well deserved, thank you so much Sarah for sorting me out.

5 star Google review 4/3/16

Karen - Exeter

Absolutely fantastic - Sarah is professional, extremely knowledgeable and skilled - identified my problem quickly and made a difference - wouldn't go anywhere else - thank you

5 star Facebook review 23/4/16

Fiona Chater - Exeter

"I am feeling a whole lot better because I received treatment at Cathedral Physiotherapy"

I have had arthritic problems for around ten year, with pain being controlled with medication. Out of the blue having driven for around an hour I experienced pins 'n' needles in both arms (more on right side) which took several days clear. When this happened again the GP suggested physiotherapy. NHS PTs in Exeter are under great pressure and I knew if I wanted to resolve this un-comfortable problem I needed to look elsewhere. This basement clinic is in the centre of town with handy car parks etc close by.

Sarah Moore is very well qualified, but more than this she listens to what you have to say about what might be the problem. The treatment is firm but caring, it is then down to you to listen to your body when doing any exercises Sarah prescribes. I very rarely give reviews but I am feeling a whole lot better because I received treatment at Cathedral Physiotherapy.

5 star independent review from 'What clinic.com' 27/4/16

Susan Smart - Exeter

"I visited Sarah after having ongoing pain in my shoulder from a sports injury. The treatment focused on correct posture/position and strengthening exercises, along with advice on what specific things I should or shouldn't be doing to aid recovery. I was so impressed with Sarah's willingness to answer my questions and her attention to ensuring that I was doing things right to help in the longer term. In addition to her obvious knowledge and experience, Sarah is a lovely person and makes you feel at ease - highly recommended."

5 star Google review 16/5/16

James Grover - Exeter

Fabulous!! So knowledgable and incredibly good at what she does

5 star Google review 26/5/16

Dalene Theunissen - Exeter

An electrician by trade, I paid a visit to Sarah after suffering from horrendous muscle spasms to the left hand side of my back meaning I was an able to do physical work or walk upright. Her experience and knowledge was excellent and the treatment received has really helped me get back to normal. I would recommend her services to anybody suffering pain or discomfort and will certainly contact her in the future if I require further treatment.

5 Star Google review 1/6/16

Kieran - Exeter

Was struggling with work life following doing any form of exercise and was recommended to Sarah. Highly experienced professional and very personable, resulting in immediate improvement. Would have no hesitation in making a recommendation myself. Thank you.

5 Star Google Review 6/7/16

Andrew Aust - Exeter

Excellent service very welcoming and I felt at ease and welcomed throughout. Would highly recommend as the therapist was very professional and experienced.

5 Star Google Review 19/7/16

Ali Dur - Exeter

Sarah is an excellent clinician with amazing diagnostic skills. After 30 years of a stiff neck and painful shoulder, not to mention a fortune spent on various supposed remedies, Sarah sorted me out within a few weeks and I am now pain free and moving better than ever. I can't recommend Sarah too highly.

5 Star Google Review 22/8/16

Jill Heppell - Exeter

"Pain has decreased steadily with these treatments and movement is now almost back to normal"
I've had treatment on my shoulder following surgery, with the aim of restoring all aspects of the joints functioning. In addition to exercises to restore movement and strength, which I do and home and in a swimming pool, I have received some trigger point manipulation to free up knotty spots in the shoulder, back and neck, all of which were contributing to pain in the shoulder and neck region. Pain has decreased steadily with these treatments and movement is now almost back to normal, after four sessions. I am very satisfied with the diagnosis of my problems and the help and advice received, for what I consider to be a modest rate of payment (£35 for 1/2 hour but sessions frequently have been significantly longer than that.)
My experience of Cathedral Physiotherapy was excellent, with sensitive handling of a complicated shoulder and systematic approach to the various aspects of treatment. I honestly cannot fault the experience I've had from this physiotherapist and would thoroughly recommend her to others."

4.5 star What Clinic Review 15/9/16

John Sale - Exeter

Sarah was very friendly, and very thorough. Helped find the cause of my son's pain, and provided exercises to help his recovery. Highly recommended and I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again. Many thanks!

5 Star Google Review 14/9/16

Dave Littler - Exeter

Sarah Moore has excellent clinical knowledge, long experience, and a scientific approach. I went to her on the recommendation of a friend, with a very sore & crunchy shoulder which was limiting my movement. We had an initial 1 hr session where she methodically examined and tested everything. She diagnosed my problem and prescribed some stretches and exercises to correct my strength and movement. After a week of exercises I feel much much better. I had a follow up appointment where she carried out some massage and manipulation. Sarah has a great ability to understand your anatomy, she can find the unknown muscle or tendon that is tight, in places I was not even aware were sore. It is a testament to her skill and clinical excellence that she can know my body better than me. She gave me an extended set of stretches/exercise and thinks I do not need to come back! I am very impressed, and very pleased. Highly recommended.

5 Star Google Review 22/11/16

Luke M - Exeter

"I felt it was very good value for expert help"
"I had sprained my right foot. Sarah carefully assessed what movements I could and couldn't do. She reviewed my general health then used ultra sound treatment and another before taking me through an exercise regime which can be accessed on line as well as giving me a sheet. Sarah was very approachable gentle and thorough. I felt it was very good value for expert help.
For the visit and first impressions see above"

4 star What Clinic Clinic Review 16/11/16

Margaret Cartwright - Exeter

Sarah has not only restored me to fitness physically but has supported me when I was suffering from shock and loss of confidence owing to my injuries. I cannot thank her enough.

5 star Google review 8/12/16

Caroline - Exeter

I would definitely recommend. Never having been to a physio before, I chose Cathedral purely at random and am so pleased I did. Sarah has a really personable manner, a great knowledge of the finer points of musculoskeletal problems and an ability to explain them (and their solutions) in a way anyone can understand. Yes, I would definitely recommend.

5 star Google Review 9/12/16

Tina Sinclair - Exeter

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah. She is very knowledgeable and professional and her excellent treatment has enabled me to recover from my injury far quicker than I had initially feared.

5 star Google Review 13/12/16

Toby Perry - Exeter

Excellent physiotherapist. Accurate diagnosis, clear treatment plan and it worked well.

5 Star Google Review 29/12/16

Dr Chris - Exeter

Would recommend Sarah, she is an extremely knowledgeable professional who assisted with a shoulder injury. She is comprehensive and not only located the issue but assisted with pain relief through massage and coaching which has prevented a recurrence of the injury. I would promote her knowledge, skill level and amiability as first class.

5 Star Google Review 4/1/17

Tom Kennard - Exeter

I hurt my back trying to get running fit. Sarah made me feel I was in the hands of a professional. Her advice was considered and appropriate to my (older) physical capacities and I felt motivated to follow it. My back is fully recovered and stronger than it was though I intend to continue with the exercises she gave me as I have learned a lot about how my body works from her and understand how to protect myself from injury. She even prompted me to consider that I didn't need her help any longer, before I raised the issue with her - no trying to keep me coming (and paying) when I didn't need it! Excellent.

5 Star Google Review 5/1/17

Bill Cross - Exeter

After being discharged from NHS physio post ankle fracture being unable to do anything but walk, Sarah has really helped me get back into both climbing and running again. She explains what she is doing very well and is lovely and friendly making you feel at ease. Each appointment felt worthwhile and Sarah did not expect weekly visits, which is always great for the student budget! I really like the use of an app for the list of exercises from each session as this allowed me to keep on top and track my progress. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah for any physiotherapy needs.

5 Star Google Review 5/1/17

Lauren Woodland - Exeter

Sarah offers a very special physiotherapy service which combines excellent assessment, efficient treatment techniques /exercises and a very friendly yet highly professional manner. She is dedicated to her work and has taken a Master's degree to enhance her theoretical perspectives and associated practical practices. Sarah believes that patients should not define themselves by their injuries or health problems and this seems to me to hold much wisdom as clients work towards recovery. I have visited a number of physiotherapists during my life but have never felt that I was experiencing such expert care where 'the whole person' was so well taken into account. Thank you, Sarah!

5 Star Cylex Review

Anonymous - Exeter

Fantastic! Progressed through exercises that had me moving and feeling better than I have in a long time. Well worth it.

5 Star Google review received 22/2/17

Andrew Lines - Exeter

You are a very good therapist who provides a bespoke treatment for a person based on their needs.You also provide excellent care at home exercises and I feel while I am not 100% better you have helped me start my journey.

Email testimonial received 7/2/17

Daniel - Exmouth

Sarah is an excellent practitioner. Thorough, professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

5 Star Google Review received 13/7/17

Hugh Neason - Exeter

Having had bilateral resurfacing of patellofemoral joints (both knee caps resurfaced). I had my first session with Sarah one week post operation where at the time i could barely elevate my legs off the floor when lying down and flexion was scarcely beyond 90 degrees. After a total of two months of therapy (initially 2 sessions per week in the clinic and progressing onto one clinic and one Hydrotherapy sessions per week) my flexibility has improved to ''normal'' (after about five weeks). Once full flexibility was achieved i progressed onto more dynamic therapy. The Hydrotherapy has been a massive boost in terms of physical improvement but also psychologically due to the greater stress that can be put on the limbs without the impact of 90 Kg hitting a solid surface. I cannot praise enough the impact that Sarah has had upon my progress in such a relatively short period. I work in an environment that requires physical and dynamic responses by my body and am confident that i will be more than able to return to full time work in the near future. I cannot recommend Sarah enough and her approach to my post operation therapy. Her professionalism and the education that she has given me into the anatomy and physiology of the knees but also the impact upon the rest of the body is second to none. Many Thanks and much appreciation.

5 star Google review received 7/8/17

Carl Rose - Exeter

Sarah was extremely accommodating, listened well, really thorough and got me back running within 2 weeks! Couldn't recommend her enough.

5 star Google review received 16/9/17

Megan Broom - Exeter

Excellent Service and lovely staff. I have been dealing with a leg injury the past two years and it's symptoms have subsided massively thanks to the help of Sarah Moore. Now I'm almost pain free and it wouldn't have been possible without her.

5 star Google Review received 26/9/17

Kai Barlow - Exeter

I went to see Sarah after being in a lot of pain with my back and ribs. When I got to Sarah, I could hardly breathe in so she got to work right away. It turned out that one of my ribs had twisted which was causing the awful pain. After a 30 minute treatment, the pain had lifted substantially and by the following day, I had almost no pain at all. I was in so much discomfort that I didn't think anything would help. It just goes to show how knowledgeable and brilliant Sarah is. Highly recommended.

5 star Google Review received 27/9/17

Rebecca Miles - Exeter

I went to Sarah to help me with an ankle injury sustained in a rugby match. She really helped get my ankle better - her knowledge is fantastic and she always keeps your specific goals in mind (mine were being able to play rugby again and avoid re-injury). Not to mention, she's a lovely person and makes you feel at ease! 3 months later, I'm playing rugby again and know I can email her if I have any questions.

5 star Google Review received 26/1/18

Lucy Judd - Totnes

Sarah is brilliant! I had very painful tennis elbow which Sarah has completely sorted out. The pain was much better after the first appointment and it only took a few more sessions to cure. She is an excellent listener and explains everything very well. The videos she emailed to me, showing how to do my exercises, were a great help. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I am very grateful.

5 star Facebook Review received 8/2/18

Jonathan Ball - Exeter

Thankyou Sarah for sorting out my back. Professional as ever.

5 star Facebook review 26/9/17

Jayne - Exeter

I've seen Sarah for treatment last year. I had a problem with my upper back which progressed to numbness in my fingers. Sarah used a variety of techniques and after a first session and home exercises there was a big improvement. It took only a few appointments to eliminate the numbness and pain. I'm very grateful for Sarah's help and would definitely recommend her to a friend.

5 star Facebook review 1/1/18

Karolina Mabor - Exeter

I would highly recommend Cathedral Physiotherapy. Sarah is extremely professional and made me feel instantly at ease with her friendly and welcoming demeanour. It was clear that she really listened to my needs and helped me to achieve my therapy goals. The time spent in the clinic was always beneficial and week on week I could see (and feel) that steady progress was being made. Sarah’s approach to therapy is gentle but also very effective, which left me feeling relaxed and motivated to carry out the exercises I had been given. Cathedral Physiotherapy is easy to get to from the city centre and the clinic is always clean. In addition, my appointments always ran on time and were very reasonably priced. All in all, I felt that the therapy I received was of excellent value and If ever I have any further physio needs I wouldn’t consider anywhere else!

5 star Google Review 9/2/18

Sophie Johns - Exeter

After months of problems with arm immobility visited Sarah & after few visits now have full mobility. Her understanding & friendly personality plus personal exercise program has sorted my problems out.Would recommend her to anyone in need of physio help.

5 star Google Review 7/3/18

Jean Smalldon - Exeter

Thank you Sarah. I would certainly recommend your physio service. An issue that had been plaguing me for nearly 3 months was so quickly diagnosed. I doubt that few people look for upper cervical nerve issues in relation to vertigo. Once explained it made perfect sense. Although circumstances made it difficult to attend a further session, the self help exercises gradually produced significant improvement. As all other reviews state, yours is an extremely professional and friendly service with years of knowledge demonstrated and applied within just an hours session. Very impressive expertise but with the holistic and individual touch. I would not hesitate to return again, rather than tolerate a debilitating condition. Thank you

5 star Google Review 28/3/18

Nicki Hill - Exeter

Sarah was brilliant she significantly improved a long standing shoulder problem, for my wife, which had defeated other physios. Both my wife and myself attended following an RTA , we were both impressed with the treatment we received.

5 start Google Review 8/4/18

Kevin Sempers - Exeter

Excellent course of treatment for problem shoulder. First Physio I've used who has used massage as well as setting exercises. Movement has really improved. I would definitely recommend Sarah.

5 Star Google Review 28/4/18

Sue Wilson - Exeter

I had experienced worsening knee pain for many years which culminated in a sudden extreme pain, prompting me, finally, to take steps to address the problem. Sarah saw me very quickly and was extremely thorough in taking a history and in physically assessing the issues I was experiencing. The explanation of what was happening and why it was causing the pain was thorough and clear, even to an ignoramus like me. Sarah gave a comprehensive "how and why" explanation of the rationale for how this could be treated with exercise, and the exercises themselves. I found Sarah's knowledge and understanding, and her ability to convey this to me accurately and clearly to be invaluable in motivating the ongoing process of carrying out the exercises. Most importantly, it worked! Following Sarah's advice and exercise programme has made a huge difference and I can only pass on my grateful thanks for fixing so quickly and professionally a problem which was becoming increasingly debilitating. I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Sarah to anyone experiencing problems like mine. Thank you!

5 start Google Review 14/4/18

Tim Thorley - Exeter

More effective than magic, Sarah is a brilliant physio.
Unless you have Harry Potter skills you cannot beat father time, and with ageing comes creaking and stiffness. If you also get a bit sillier with age, then like me, you go off on ridiculous mountain biking holidays that have the potential to really hurt.
Well lets hope you have a Sarah Moore in your town because she has got got some serious science skills to diagnose and fix you up.
She will do a proper assessment of your body and movement, and then if necessary carry out some hands on squishing and bending, and then send you off with a list of instructions.
This was my 3rd visit (for three different ailments, she prides herself on fixing you first time so you won't have to come back for a do over) and once again Sarah has shown herself to be worth every pound of her experience and skill.
If you don't have a Sarah in your town, be happy that Exeter has good transport links because she is worth the journey. Or move here.

5 star Facebook review 20/4/18

Luke - Exeter

Amazing! Went in with a bad back came out feeling great, much more movement and less pain. still a little stiff but it was much more effective than i expected. Highly recommended! Well worth the money.

5 star google review 27/4/18

Darcy Moseley - Exeter

Sarah is a great professional as well as a friendly and very nice person. She sorted out a very painful pinched nerve I got and in less time than I thought. I'm more than happy with the results.

5 star Facebook review 8/5/18

David Osuna - Exeter

Excellent service. I am assured by Sarah’s explanation and have found the treatment first class. Thank you.

5 star Facebook review 20/6/18

Lisa McCullagh - Exeter

Highly recommended. Sarah was very patient and knowledgeable in finding the cause of the problem. This was followed by clear and practical advice that was effective in dealing with symptoms and preventing reoccurrence. Thank you Sarah!

5 Star Google Review 4/7/18

Laurie Martin - Exeter

A great choice of physio! After having 4 sessions with Sarah I’d noticed significant improvement and she was very thorough in getting to the root of an acute issue. Loved the central location with plenty of parking nearby for those who need to travel into town.

5 Star Google Review 11/7/18

Brent Woodward - Exeter

Sarah was recommended to me by another physio who has since changed career. She told me that Sarah had fantastic knowledge and experience having led a team at the Exeter RD&E for many years. Sarah lived up to her reputation and we found her an amazing help. My daughter is 11 years old and had an ankle injury from competitive swimming and was struggling to train. Sarah quickly identified muscle imbalances Jessica had which were causing the area to be prone to injury. Through specific exercises she helped my daughter to regain muscle balance in order to heal and prevent the injury reoccurring. Her advice was invaluable and quickly enabled my daughter to return to her competitive swimming. Sarah also has a lovely, warm personality which put my daughter at ease. We found her to be a fantastic physio. Highly recommended!

5 Star Google Review 5/8/18

Emma Fraser - Exeter

i cannot thank cathedral physiotherapy enough. Sarah sorted my back problem out in a few visits. She offers a warm friendly service with a professional knowledge and diagnosis.I can now go about my every day duties without worrying about back pain. i can recommend anyone with a problem to contact her. Thank you Sarah

5 Star Google Review 17/8/18

David Bowden - Exeter

"The therapist was professional and immediately imbued confidence resulting in a speedy resolution"
"A month ago I could barely move with sciatica. There has been steady improvement.
Sarah was so professional and immediately imbued confidence resulting in a speedy resolution. It was a treat to meet her. I saw an advert in the village newsletter. Thank you so much, Sarah."

5 Star What Clinic Review 13/9/18

Claire Mitchelmore - Exeter

Sarah was able to help me where other physios had failed. She is friendly and professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

5 Star Google Review 16/1/19

Louise Williams - Exeter

Sarah is brilliant. Had a painful muscle problem for months, but she fixed it in one session! Absolutely worth the money!

5 Star Google Review 26/2/19

Grahame - Exeter

A very understanding and knowledgeable physio! After two sessions and plenty of homework, I'm already making good progress!

Facebook Recommendation 6/4/19

Thomas Chant - Exeter

I had been suffering for an issue with my leg for a few years. During my first assessment after a thorough examination, I was given some tissue work and sent away with some exercises. After another 2 sessions and some more tissue work the pain and irritability I thought I was going to be stuck with has almost completely subsided. Highly recommend, would go back in the future with any other issue.

5 Star Google Review 26/4/19

Paul Norris - Exeter

Sarah treated both a lower back problem and a shoulder problem for me, with excellent results. After only a few sessions I now have full movement restored, and no pain. This was my first visit to Sarah. I was extremely impressed with her pleasant and professional manner and the time she took to ensure she fully understood my background and my current problems. She is obviously extremely skilled and uses a gentle, progressive approach which I found ideal for me. I would thoroughly recommend her.

5 Star Google Review 23/5/19

D Jones - Exeter

Sarah was recommended to me to help with my worn out hip. She soon worked out I needed to do certain flexibility stretches and muscle strengthening exercises. These really helped. Would definitely recommend her.

5 Star Google Review 6/6/19

Steve Dixon - Exeter

Simply brilliant! Eight weeks ago, I was experiencing extreme pain in my lower back and travelling down my left leg. I was in a bad way, and had hardly slept for over a week, as I dragged myself into Cathedral Physiotherapy to see Sarah More. It didn't take long to realise that Sarah was very highly experienced as she went through the diagnosis and treatment. She also provided me with exercises to carry out at home, reviewing each visit as my condition improved. Sarah is professional, friendly, caring and supportive and I would highly recommend her. I'm now pretty much back to normally with only the occasional ache and I’m cautiously getting back into my running again to help build strength. It’s be a difficult few weeks, but happy I now have some I would trust in the future and can recommend to others. Thank you so much for everything Sarah.

5 Star Google Review 24/6/19

Chris - Exeter

I went to see Sarah suffering with severe sciatica. The treatment she gave me, together with the exercise regime she provided, was excellent and I am now pain free for the first time in months. She is very professional and reassuring and I would highly recommend her.

5 Star Google Review 23/7/19

Jean Cardy - Exeter

'Thank you though for all your excellent and thoughtful help and support and treatment, and I certainly got to a position where I felt reasonably confident of managing the challenges on this particular trip, which was/is great - and I will of course continue to keep myself in good 'shape' and be getting some more good walks in as soon as possible!

I was just thinking of the 'E' words you use in your advertising/website etc - i.e. Excellence, Experience, Enthusiasm - and was thinking I could add another one to that = Encouragement! That's the quality/feeling that came across very strongly over the course of my sessions with you, even when I needed to adjust my thinking about what was maybe causing the knee problem (i.e. something more long-term) - but it still felt like we'd find a way to manage that well..- so THANK YOU especially for that, and also your very warm and friendly way of working.'

Extract from patient e-mail received 19/7/19 pre mountain walking trip.

Peter Kyrke-Smith - Exeter

Very knowledgeable and effective exercises

Felix - Exeter

Welcoming and knowledgeable staff, quick diagnosis and effective exercises. Wholly recommend.

5 Star Google Review 31/1/20

Tom Grain - Exeter

I went to see Sarah about what I thought was a hip problem but which turned out to be a lower back problem. Sarah's friendly, professional manner soon put me at ease and after a few visits and exercises to strengthen and improve flexibility the pain has gone. I highly recommend Sarah.

5 Star Google Review 10/3/20

Caroline Davey - Exeter

I would definitely recommend Cathedral Physiotherapy. I was seen quickly and have seen huge improvements since I went. Thank you!

5 star Google Review 10/2/20

Maria - Exeter

Excellent advice, exercise plan and follow up after zoom consultation as lockdown aggravated my lower back. Sarah was reassuring and kind and diagnosed the problem along with my g.p. I can now work & walk comfortably again.

5 Star Google review 14/6/20

Sally Farrant - Exeter

Brilliant physio, would highly recommend! My appointment took place over Skype (because of COVID-19 lockdown), and it was still a great experience, I got a good diagnosis for my sports injury and was given a really helpful rehab programme to manage my recovery. Thank you!

5 star Google review 25/6/20

Tim Gordon - Exeter

I have now seen Sarah twice for two different injuries and have seen excellent results both times. Even with the current difficulties of not being able to have a face-to-face appointment, my appointment was thorough and professional. Sarah was very friendly and put me at ease throughout.

5 Star Google Review 10/7/20

Lilly Jackson - Exeter

Would definitely recommend! I took my teenage son to see Sarah after another local physio had given advice which did not seem to help my son's pain. Sarah was very thorough and explained everything that she did. She only needed to see him for that one consultation, but gave him some exercises to do at home. Though she said it would take time to rectify the problem, he has already felt a significant difference after a couple of weeks of doing the exercises and is much happier as a result.

5 Star Google Review 2/9/20

Annika Ferraro - Exeter

Just thought you would like to know that my shoulder is 99% back to normal and I'm working out at the gym five times a week again. Thanks for your help.

Extract from email (with permission) 2/11/20

Mark Thompson - Exeter

Sarah is very professional, helped me a lot. I strongly recommend her.

5 Star Google review 13/3/21

Leticia Castineira - Exeter

After paying for countless physios and scans over the course of several years, I convinced myself that my shoulder injury was untreatable; that was until I started seeing Sarah. She is a kind, professional, and consistent physiotherapist who has helped me greatly, both physically and mentally, over the course of several months. I could not recommend more.

Facebook review 1/7/21

Jacob Moore - Exeter

I have only been a few times to see Sarah but I feel I am in very capable hands. So far I have been impressed with her manner and approach to my ailment!

5 star WhatClinic Review 1/7/21

Cindy Eisnenhuth - Exeter

I came to see Sarah a couple of years ago after a yoga related knee injury, she was excellent and also helped me with the neck and back pain that I d had for years. All in one session. She really helped me fix my posture. I would recommend her to anyone

5 Star Google Review 1/9/21

Andy Howell - Exeter

In July 2021 I ruptured both of my achilles tendons and was subsequently in double boots and a wheelchair for the following 12 weeks. After coming out of the boots I had experienced serious muscle Atrophy in my lower legs and my ankles had seized up pretty well. Sarah's work has been nothing short of amazing, within two - three sessions I was walking with a lot more ease, my joints and muscles had started to heal well and my range of movements were increasing. I have been seeing Sarah weekly from October through to December and I am now able to use the gym and go for long walks again. Sarah's obvious knowledge and experience have been key to being able to go back to work and driving and the support had been fantastic. Thank you so much.

5 Star Google review 4/1/22

Tom McLeman - Exeter

I have suffered with sciatica for approximately eight years, despite genuinely working hard to counteract it. Shortly after Christmas 2021 I had the worst bout in years, which left me in significant pain and bordering on immobile for a couple of days.

I was able to get an appointment with Cathedral Physiotherapy within a week and over the course of four appointments over the subsequent month I am all but completely recovered. While I would have in all likelihood recovered eventually regardless, there is no doubt in my mind that Sarah at Cathedral Physiotherapy has significantly aided and sped up my recovery. Furthermore, we (mainly Sarah!) have finessed an exercise routine for me to undertake going forward which has left me genuinely optimistic of avoiding a repeat of such chronic back pain in the future.

In working with Sarah I felt as if my concerns and anxieties (which spanned years and took some time to describe to her, and came with some emotional baggage and frustration on my part) were listened to and taken into account, which is a quality I have found lacking from other physiotherapists in the past.

Practically-speaking, the office is conveniently-located (I always found it easy to park at Southernhay), it was easy to book appointments, and the exercises I were given were sent to me in a convenient format for reference purposes.

I am enormously grateful to Sarah and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone with similar problems.

5 Star Google Review 4/2/22

Oliver Joy - Exeter

Sarah has a calm and friendly professional manner. I felt very well listened to at our first meeting and throughout. Her diagnosis, timescale for recovery and the exercises she gave me were fully explained. It was good to see her for reviews and modifications to my exercise programme. I went to see her with a painful groin strain which was severely limiting my activities. I just wish I had gone to see her earlier!! I waited too long for it to get better on its own (it didn’t) and then to see a GP.
I can feel so much improvement and I’m now able to continue my exercises on my own. I would certainly recommend Sarah

5 Star Google Review 06/22

Jean Eade - Exeter

What an amazing experience! Not only is Sarah an incredible physio, displaying deep in depth knowledge of her chosen field, she is also a lovely person who shows genuine interest in your problem. I had a pain for 18 months which other physios/sports therapists and doctors could not identify. I had scans which fortunately showed no abnormalities, nevertheless the discomfort still plagued me, affecting my ability to exercise, and my quality of life. In my first session with Sarah, she literally put her finger on the problem and gave me exercises to do to help alleviate the condition. Within 3 to 4 days, the pain had started to subside, and within a month, I wasn’t even noticing it any more. I saw Sarah once more for some massage on my back, and the problem has now been eradicated. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to anyone considering visiting a physio. She is without a doubt the finest physio I have ever come across and a credit to her profession. Thanks Sarah. You’re incredible!

5 Star Google Review 5/8/22

Peter Clarke - Exeter

A big thank you to Sarah who really does know her profession. On my first visit she put me at ease and pinpointed the cause of my knee issue. She has even made my pain less and has provided me an exercise plan that will hopefully solve the problem. Definitely recommend a visit if In need of a Physiotherapist. Thanks again, Matt

5 Star Google Review 20/8/22

Matt Lettis - Exeter

My symptoms related to my left knee and right lower back have completely disappeared. Over the past two months, Sarah have provided professional guidance and assistance in order to make this possible. I greatly appreciate all of her help!

5 star google review 23/11/22

Lily - Exeter

Really pleased with a super, professional and thorough service from Sarah. She took a lot of care and attention to my injury and gave me a great set of exercises designed to alleviate my discomfort and strengthen the muscles around the damage. Thanks Sarah

5 Start Google Review 2/1/23

Sebastian - Exeter

"Sarah provides a first-class service. She assessed my problem carefully and offered immediate treatment in the form of manipulation and massage bringing instant relief. She gives a careful and understandable explanation and provides online tailored exercise programs. I have been consulting her on and off for 4 years and really value her lovely manner and expertise. I would highly recommend her."

5 STar WhatClinic Review 23/4/23

Yvette Parker - Exeter

Sarah is amazing! I injuried my knee during marathon training with just 2 months before the big day. Sarah's assessment was thorough; she listened to my concerns and symptoms, diagnosed the problem and gave me exercises and ultrasound to help the issue. Pleased to say I completed the London Marathon 2023 with no knee pain!!! AMAZING!

5 Star Google Review 26/4/23

Amy Lufkin - Exeter

I had a back issue, Sarah was excellent , diagnosed me, sorted out an exercise plan, did some manipulating and hey presto on the road to recovery. if you have an issue go here
Best regards

5 Star Google Review 2/6/23

Steve Fabian - Exeter

I visited Sarah for the first time a few months ago. I'd decided to find a private physio as I wasn't getting the time, and dedicated approach I needed, from the NHS. I had looked at the top rated physios in Exeter and Sarah come up.

From the moment I met Sarah I instantly knew I was in good hands. I honestly felt so relieved to have found someone like Sarah. She was incredibly thorough, dedicated, highly knowledgeable and so lovely to talk to.

I had suffered with debilitating hip impingement pain for 2.5 years and had by this point exhausted all options. Within an hour, Sarah had assessed me fully, did some physical manipulation on my spine and guided me through some exercises. She then printed out an exercise program sheet and emailed me this along with the physiotools app.

I started 2 sets of the exercises (daily) from the next day. After 5 or 6 sessions with Sarah and doing the exercises everyday for several weeks, I am honestly feeling the best I've felt in 2.5 years. I've built up the strength on my right side (which was found to be very weak) and have gained back my mobility and sanity!

Emma - 4/7/23

Came to Sarah at Cathedral Physio with bad neck and shoulder pains which I had for 6 to 8 weeks. Three visits and an exercise programme later and now completely sorted. Great service, very friendly and professional. Heartily recommend.

5 Star Google Review 26/1/24

Stephen W - Exeter

Sarah has been nothing but amazing! Her warmth and thoroughness makes the consultation a great experience and been a massive help to help with my injury. The online system also proves super useful for the set up and follow up of consultations with exercises.
I'd highly recommend her!

5 Star Google Review 7/3/24

Vicky V - Exeter

Went to Sarah for two separate injuries and came out with super clear and helpful exercises. She sends details on how to do each exercise digitally so I have them forever

5 Star Google Review 27/3/24

Lucy Noble - Exeter

I would recommend Cathedral Physiotherapy to anyone who is looking for a physiotherapist. Sarah made me feel comfortable and supported throughout my entire journey. Sarah completed a thorough assessment process with me, I left feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted. I was provided with a manageable exercise routine using an app, along with regular appointments with Sarah to check my progress. During my appointments with Sarah, I felt supported emotionally as well as physically throughout a really challenging part of my life. I am so grateful for her service!!

5 Star Google Review 21/5/24

Sophie Denham - Exeter

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