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We've all done it... Whether it was wearing those killer heels when you are used to wearing flats, slipping whilst running down a hill, or simply tripping over the kids left out toys, the majority of us have twisted an ankle or knee at some point in our lives! The key is how to improve the situation once it’s occurred.

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How does it work?

Initial assessments

Initial assessments take up to 60 mins (depending on the condition) and involve talking through your physical problems, concerns, aims of treatment, and your personal functional goals. A physical assessment is then undertaken, looking at the parts of the body in question, including areas that connect with it or can refer symptoms to it. It is helpful to come prepared with a vest top/T-shirt and shorts as you will need to remove some items of clothing.

Following the physical assessment you will have some form of treatment - either advice and exercises, or other adjuncts (mobilisation, manipulation, taping, electrotherapy) as appropriate for your condition. I work closely with you to ascertain what you want to achieve, and we will develop a treatment plan together, combining your aims, my experience and the evidence base for that specific problem.

Follow up treatments

Follow up treatments take up to 30 mins, and will involve a shortened re-assessment to ascertain how you have progressed, and if you have any concerns, advice, exercise (including reviewing your home exercise plan) and other forms of treatment as required.

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